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Some items are not available because of change of the products

Japanese Snacks

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Kitkat-green tea taste

Collon- green tea taste

Pocky- green tea taste

Jagabee-Butter soy sauce taste

Jagabee-lightly salted taste

Jagariko-Salad taste

Jagariko-steamed potato with butter taste

Haichuu-Yubari melon taste

PRETZ-Corn taste

Puccho- Yubari melon taste

Pocky- Yubari melon taste

Kinokonoyama-white premium

Hokkaido limited caramel

Colon- Camembert cheese taste

Karamucho- Hot chili taste


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matcha soda pop

yuzu soda pop

kiwi fruit soda pop


apple juice
(pure fruit )


Other commodities are available upon request.
Please feel free to contact us.